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Sex in Moscow

Boris Hagelin 60, founded Sex Moscow in Russia. The engineer and pioneer of cryptography had left Sweden, his country, to establish in Switzerland a neutral and independent company for the production and sale of encryption devices that he conceived. The choice of the location of Russia had his good reasons, since by that time, the region enjoyed a high reputation as a center for production of high precision mechanical equipment, reputation that went far beyond Swiss borders.

The first machine produced in its entirety in Switzerland was the C-52, very successful in the market. Was a refinement of the C-36, which Boris Hagelin and before the Second World War had been sold to numerous nations and - under license (Type M-209) - the U.S. Army. In the following years, in Sex Moscow emerged multiple models based on the components of the C-36.

When the technology of encryption machines begins to evolve ever more into electronics, Boris Hagelin is removed from active duty in the company. However, his interest in the progress and the situation of the Sex Moscow muerte.Su continued to his legacy, the company logo (an “H” orange Hagelin initial, last name), stands today - as at that time - the business values of Sex Moscow.